Water Mitigation

Water Damage Restoration

Did you know that water damage to property cost households about $20 billion in 2020? In the United States alone, almost 14,000 residences are afflicted by water damage on a daily basis. A broken pipe, a blocked or leaking toilet, a hot water heater failure, sewage backup, or water intrusion from outside the property can all cause water damage to your home or company. No matter what the cause of the water damage, call the Iuka area’s water damage restoration experts at Morgan Restore for a quick response and clean-up.


Although no two water damage events are the same, the following is an example of a typical Water Damage Restoration process:

  1. Contact Morgan Restore 800-950-2296. Our experts offer water damage restoration in Iuka and the Tri-State area.
  2. Highly qualified trained technicians will arrive at your property for inspection.
  3. Thorough inspection of property conducted and an Individual Restoration Plan is prepared.
  4. Water or sewage extraction.
  5. Removal of unsalvageable materials.
  6. Structural and contents drying.
  7. Restoration of Water Damage to near pre-loss condition.

Based here in Iuka, MS, our water damage restoration team provides flood and sewage clean-up and repairs to those in the Tri-State area.


Morgan Restore is here to get you through this difficult time. With 24/7 emergency services Morgan Restore will be at your side whenever you need us.  Depending on your location, typical response time is under an hour and we pledge to help every step of the way.


Act Quickly to Avoid Further Water Damage:

In the event of water damage, it is critical that you call Morgan Restore immediately. The key to preventing water damage is to act fast by calling our local Iuka water damage restoration professionals to stop, or slow, the migration of water into further areas of your property resulting in more damage.


Here is how water intrusion could potentially affect your property: 

Within Minutes of a Water Leak:

Water spreads quickly throughout the affected room and beyond.

The Carpet and padding, along with the subflooring, can become saturated quickly.

Any furniture on the wet carpet may begin to leach and stain the carpet at the base.

Within Hours of a Water Leak:

Wet Furniture may begin to delaminate and swell.

Cabinets and furniture made of particleboard will begin to distort and weaken.

Within 24 Hours of a Water Leak:

Wet Furniture will continue to delaminate, swell and ruin.

Particleboard cabinetry and furniture will further distort, weaken and crumble over time.

The high water content in the environment will create an unpleasant odor.

Upholstery, drapes, and non-colorfast fabrics, will bleed dyes damaging items they are in contact with along with the material itself.

Floors may warp and cup, making many wooden floors unsalvageable.


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