Mold Mitigation and Restoration

Mold Mitigation and Restoration

Mold Inspections 

Iuka Mold Removal | Inspection, Remediation, & Restoration Services

Morgan Restoration is a professional mold removal company based in Iuka, MS. We offer mold inspections by highly trained and certified technicians.  The typical mold inspection begins with a detailed conversation between one of our highly trained technicians and the property owner.  After this discussion the technician will thoroughly inspect any and all affected areas of property.  If mold is detected, the inspector will identify the source of the moisture that is causing the growth of the mold.  A detailed remediation plan based on the individual needs of the current situation will be created and thoroughly explained to the property owner.  

When is a Mold Inspection Needed?

When purchasing a new home. Unfortunately, homes in the areas around Iuka often need mold removal services due to hidden leaks

Health concerns such as Asthma, Immunocompromised, young children with underdeveloped immune systems can be signs a mold inspection is needed

When water damage is present.  This could be a leaking roof, pipe, shower, toilet, etc…

Property unoccupied for extended periods. Due to local weather or leaks, water damage is a common occurrence in the unmaintained structures around Iuka. Mold remediation and restoration services are often needed before a space can be reoccupied


Mold Damage Restoration

If mold is present Remediation is needed IMMEDIATELY!  Due to the unique situations of all mold infestations, an Individualized Remediation Plan will be designed for your specific needs.  The overall remediation process is guided by the ANSI/IICRC 520 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation. A typical  Remediation process includes the following: 

  1. Identify and stop the source of moisture.
  2. Set up containment.
  3. Remove contaminated materials.
  4. Vacuum and clean surfaces.
  5. Application of antimicrobial treatment.
  6. Restoration of Mold Damaged Property.

We are the go-to professionals in the Iuka area for mold removal and restoration services. You can rely on our experts to get the job done.