Before and After Gallery

Before and After Gallery

This home suffered roof damage and required a full roof replacement

A tenant caused significant damage to this home, ransacked it, and caused water damage. As a result, all belongings were disposed of, the flooring was removed, and a two foot flood cut was performed along with water mitigation services.

Here is a great example of a renovated home after suffering mold damage. Everything was torn out of the bathroom, the walls were then removed and the area was treated with our mold killer system. After the treatment, another contractor built back this beautiful bathroom.

This home suffered mold damage to its crawlspace. Here are the before and after images of this crawlspace. The area was HEPA vacuumed to remove a large amount of mold spores and bodies, after which it was heavily treated with our mold killing agent.

Here is a wonderfully done water-damaged bathroom tear-out and remodel

Not all of our jobs require a remodeling of the home. Here is a great example of a cleanup after a tenant destroyed this kitchen requiring a biological cleanup. Everything was removed except for the dishwasher the owner asked to be left behind. All fecal matter was removed and surfaces disinfected, a significant amount of rat droppings were also removed, and all surfaces were disinfected multiple times throughout the whole process.

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